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Why Choose Buy to Let Property
as a Long Term Investment?
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Buying to Let - Our Commitment to our Clients:

It has long been apparent that property as an investment is seen by many as a viable, safe long term alternative to more traditional investment methods such as pensions, shares etc. The booming buy-to-let market to 2008 is testimony to the fact that people regard bricks and mortar as a very safe long term home for their money.

Investors who purchased virtually anywhere across the UK experienced huge capital growth, and many chose to re-finance releasing some of the equity to purchase additional properties. The bank lead credit crunch and consequent recession however, has now seen saw property prices fall dramatically, back to the levels of 2002/4 in some areas. For those who wisely invested for the long term its time to just wait until normality returns to the housing market (predicted 2016/17) and growth values increase are in evidence again, whilst ensuring of course that your investment property is earning the maximum return and is being correctly managed.

Today, due to the recession, many northern locations are offering quality fully fitted 2 and 3 bed properties at prices between £55,000 and £100,000 considered to be real investment bargains. At the same time the government’s introduction of rent capping, affecting benefit allowances in inner city areas is creating has created a tremendous demand for private rented properties in the surrounding less expensive rental locations. Together these elements create an ideal opportunity to invest at right price in carefully selected locations of potential growth.

Now in 2013 anyone looking to invest will see lenders now offering flexibility with deposits and interest rates, eliminating the previously demanded minimum of 25% loan to value deposits. Instead they are attempting to create have successfully created movement in the market by re-introducing various mortgage products, acceptable for the “lower end” price market, encouraging small independent investors.

At CU Residential we avoid big developments, off plan deals, leaseholds and new builds, all of which tend to be costly requiring large financial commitments that from day one are often out of your control. We specialise in the lower priced, but quality end of the market sourcing older freehold properties under £150,000 current value in areas with maximum growth potential realising good yields / rental returns.

Our proven investment model ensures you remain in complete control of your money and property purchase to ensure you benefit from quality properties that are capable of covering all regular outgoings and other costs by receiving a constant and reliable rental income. At CU Residential we are your personal agent taking care of all aspects of your portfolio.

We do not hold our own stock of properties for sale and we are totally independent of any estate agents, vendors or developers. We only source properties to your specification and budget, maintaining an un-biased interest in achieving the very best deals for our clients by working directly for you. Our charges / fees are fixed and transparent and the purchase of a selected property is between you and the vendor or vendors agent direct.

When you purchase a property through CU Residential you remain in charge and do not pay marked up prices or commissions, you choose the property and the level of service you want to receive.